Protecting your skin this Summer with Orooba of Africa

Protecting your skin this Summer with Orooba of Africa

Summer is officially here with the blazing sun and uncomfortable humidity.

This change in temperature and climate means that you need to change up your skin care routine as well. Maintain your glow and radiant skin tone with the Orooba of Africa's range of natural skin boosters and Summer time skin radiance treatments.

The first thing we'd recommend is switching to a lighter moisturiser

The Orooba Essentials Face Moisturiser provides a deep, non-greasy and lasting hydration while the rich and luxurious texture will revitalise your face and leave your complexion appearing more radiant, without an oily feel.

Boost your glow with serums and boosters

Orobaa’s Vitamin C Repair Booster is an intensive blend of organic Rosehip oil and marine collagen which, together with Vitamin E and C, will revive, nourish and regenerate your skin.

Hydrate your skin

If you feel that you need to do some repairs after a few days out in the harsh sun, we have a specially prepared skin care bundle that will repair and soothe your sun damaged skin.

Treatment sized jars and bottles of the range, target moisturising and rehydration of your skin while toners and cleansers deeply cleanse and replenish your damaged skin.

Finish of the treatment with an Essential Vitamin E Oil to reduce inflammation and brighten your skin tone.

Don't forget that you need to feed the glow from the inside out so go nowhere without your bottle of H20 Drink water to remain hydrated.

Keep your skin bright, glowing and selfie ready this Summer with Orooba of Africa.