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Problems, meet possibilities: Your 2020 skin solutions

It’s a brand new year! And what better time to refresh and replenish your skincare products? Our Orobaa skincare range is full of nourishing and healing ingredients – the perfect range to explore in 2020. We’ll help you find the products that are right for you and your specific skin type. Ready to discover skin solutions specifically for your skin? Then let’s go!

Skin solutions for every skin type

Do you have blemish-prone skin?

Blemish-prone skin, or acne, is shiny in appearance, and often oily to the touch. This type of skin develops pimples and comedones on a regular basis, due to the sebaceous glands producing more sebum than the other skin types. When acne forms, it’s commonly found on the neck, face, shoulders, chest and back, and differs in severity from person to person. There are many known causes for acne, including genetics, hormones, certain medications, diet, stress, smoking, and inappropriate skin care. 

What blemish-prone skin needs

If you have blemish-prone skin, your skin will most likely need a skincare routine that reduces inflammation, clears away excess oil, and heals sores. When washing your face, we advise that you be gentle with your skin, as skin trauma can result in the acne worsening and even scarring. After cleaning, apply a light, non-comedogenic moisturiser – and steer clear of rich, oily serums to prevent further aggravation.

Skin Solution: Authentic African Black Soap

As natural acne skin solutions go, our founding product Authentic African Black Soap is a real winner. It has proven effective in reducing symptoms of acne, and is a preferred natural choice for preventing blemish build up in the skin. Not only is it good for acne-prone skin, but it’s also suitable for skins with other inflammatory conditions, like eczema. To apply, simply rub the soap with water into a lather on the hands, and then rub the lather onto the skin (and hair, should you wish to), massaging gently. Wash the soap off the skin after about 30 seconds. With this soap, it’s important to keep in mind that a little goes a long way. So use a small amount, but often (about twice per day), and moisturise after.

Skin solutions for every skin type

Do you have dry skin?

When the skin’s moisture barrier isn’t doing its job of retaining moisture, the skin feels drier. There are many causes for dry skin, many of which are avoidable. Common causes include frequent bathing, the use of harsh soaps, ageing, certain medications, a cold climate, and cold and dry winter air. 

What dry skin needs

If you have dry skin, it’s fair to assume that your skin needs moisture. So, as a first step in alleviating the dryness, we suggest you apply a quality moisturiser that rehydrates the epidermis and seals in the moisture. Once the skin has repaired itself, aim to maintain its healthy state by avoiding possible triggers and keeping up a rigorous moisturising regimen.  

Skin solution: Excellence Night Cream

Our Excellence Night Cream is our number one skin solution for treating a dry body. With its exceptional mix of natural oils, this luxurious cream leaves the skin feeling hydrated and supple. Apply Excellence Night Cream after showering to seal in moisture and prevent the skin from drying out overnight. 

Skin solution: Nurture Face Moisturiser

Rich and revitalising, our Nurture Face Moisturiser leaves the skin hydrated and glowing. After cleansing the face, dab water off with a towel so the face is damp but not wet, then apply a small amount of Nurture to the skin.

Skin solutions for every skin type

Do you have sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin has many possible causes and triggers. The causes are typically genetic, with many of the triggers being environmental. Excessive cold or heat, and exposure to sunlight, chemicals and pollutants are all possible triggers, causing sensitive skin to react and become inflamed and irritated.

What sensitive skin needs

If you have sensitive skin, we suggest you avoid ingredients and chemicals that could cause a reaction in your skin, like fragrances, dyes, sulphates, and preservatives. Soothing ingredients like shea butter are often well-received by this skin type. With its high levels of vitamins A and E and a significant dose of stearic acid, shea butter helps to buffer the skin against environmental triggers, making it more resilient and healthy.

Skin solution: Charisma Shea Butter

Mild, yet effective, our Charisma Shea Butter is chock full of anti-inflammatory properties, and has an incredible capacity to relieve irritation and dryness. After a shower, warm up the shea butter in your hands and apply it to the body to restore the skin’s moisture, keeping it comfortable all day long. Remember, shea butter spreads wonderfully, so only apply a small amount.

Skin solution: Harmony Day Cream

Another gentle cream suitable for sensitive skin, our shea and cocoa butter-based Harmony Day Cream is light and creamy, keeping the skin calm and nourished from dawn to dusk. To apply Harmony, simply smooth it onto the face after cleansing (it absorbs very quickly). And you’re good to go!

Skin concerns? We’ve got skin solutions for that. 

If you’re looking for a way to perk up your skin in 2020, look no further. We’ve got plenty of skin solutions for you to try out. And what’s more, they’re natural solutions – a gift from mother earth! 

Got any skin concerns you’d like to discuss with us? Get in touch or visit us at our Hillcrest store – we’d be happy to help.

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