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Maintaining beautiful skin in the warmer weather

As the year draws to a close, we start to experience warmer weather. With this rise in temperature should come a few adjustments to your skincare regimen. And we’re not just talking about your SPF! The heat presents many challenges for your skin, and it’s important to face them head-on to maintain your beautiful skin all season long.

Your beat-the-heat skincare survival kit

1. Light, oil-free moisturiser

Yes, it’s true that our skin produces more oil when it’s hot, however, that doesn’t mean we need to skip moisturising. Oily skin can still dehydrate, so it’s important to apply a light moisturiser to the face in warmer weather to refresh the skin without adding shine. We recommend our Harmony Day Cream for beautiful skin in the warm season – it’s hydrating, gentle and mild.

2. Acne spot treatment

Acne can get worse when the weather is hot as the heat causes the production of more oil and sweat. So if you struggle with acne, try washing your skin with our Authentic African Black Soap. This versatile soap is useful for treating many skin conditions, reducing blemishes and inflammation.

3. Oil blotting cream

Another way to keep the oil at bay in sunny weather is to keep a mattifying oil cream on hand, and re-apply as needed throughout the day. You want to shine from within, not from an oily face. 

4. Body treatments

When prepping your skin for warm weather, don’t forget about your body. If it’s hot outside, you’ll probably be wearing clothes that expose a lot of skin, so you’ll want to make sure it’s looking its best. And we’ve got the perfect skincare products for the job! First, exfoliate with our exclusive in-store exfoliator, and then nourish it with our rich Charisma Shea Butter. And if your feet need a little TLC, rub on some of our Endurance Foot Balm. Then you’re good to go!

5. SPF

You knew this one was coming. Using SPF when it’s hot outside seems like a no-brainer, but it’s vitally important and you should never leave it out of your skincare routine. Warmer weather means more direct sun rays – and more perspiration. You need to apply strong sunblock frequently (every two hours) when it’s hot because you sweat it off during the day. 

Want beautiful skin in the warmer weather?

If you need advice on natural skin care products to use in the warmer season, send us a message or drop by our Hillcrest (KZN) store. We will gladly help you pick out moisturisers that are right for you.

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