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Foot care: 3 ways to love your feet

Ladies, we know you do so much for so many. But being on the go (on your feet) 24/7 can really take a toll on your wellbeing after a while. And more specifically, your weary feet – those poor things need a break every now and then. So, why not take some time to treat your feet to luxurious skincare products and relaxation therapy? We’ve got the foot care tips and treatments you need to make it happen – let’s have a pamper party!

Dip your toe in these soothing foot care activities

1. Create your own home foot spa

Fill your tub 

Find a suitable tub for your foot spa, one that will fit both feet comfortably and is deep enough to cover your ankles. Fill the tub with warm water, and add in some bath oils and salts of your choice. We love the smell of roses for a foot spa, but you can choose whatever fragrance you prefer. Adding in some rose or flower petals is a nice touch too.

Soap up

Once your foot bath is ready for your tired toes, pop them in and give them a light wash with Authentic African Black Soap. The beauty of this soap is that it’s both cleansing and healing, giving your feet an extra boost of resilience. To apply the soap, rub it into a lather on your hands and massage each foot gently before soaking off in the water.

Buff away

Now that your feet are squeaky clean, it’s time to exfoliate away the rough edges. Scoop up a handful of Orobaa’s Authentic Body Scrub (available in-store) and massage it lightly against your feet, focusing on any hard, scaly areas of skin, and soak again.

Chill out

With your feet all clean and buffed, all that’s left to do is sit back and relax, and enjoy the calming sensation of the warm water. And if you came prepared, pop some cucumber slices over your eyes and have a proper time out.

2. Did someone say pedi?

Giving yourself a pedicure is a great way to calm the mind. And after a soothing foot bath, is a welcomed next step in your foot care routine.

  • Start off by cleaning any nail polish remnants off your toenails with some nail polish remover.
  • Next, clean under your toenails with a manicure brush.
  • Once your nails are clean, whip out those nail clippers and give them a trim.
  • And now for the nail polish. First, apply a base coat and wait a few minutes for it to dry. 
  • Then follow up with two coats of your choice of nail polish, allowing for drying time in between. 
  • Finish off your pedicure with a layer of quality top coat. And your nails are gorgeous and good to go! 

3. Rub in some foot balm

No foot care pamper session is complete without a large dollop of moisture at the end. Apply a generous amount of Orobaa’s Endurance Foot Balm to your feet, giving them a therapeutic, nurturing massage to ease away any remaining tension. The foot balm is full of rejuvenating African oils that hydrate and nourish the feet – the perfect way to end off your me-time before hopping into bed.

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