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Curly hair care: Live your best hair life

Curly hair is beautiful, especially when it’s natural (what can we say, we’re all about that authenticity). And our haircare range is ideally suited to curly locks – it’s crammed full of natural nourishment that restores hair and keeps it looking shiny and radiant. We’ll share some of our curly hair care tips with you so you can make the most of the curls mother nature has blessed you with. Sound good? 

Nature’s nurturing solutions for curly hair

There are plenty of natural ways to care for curly hair. And as they say, ‘the secret is in the sauce’. What’s in curly hair care products makes all the difference when taming unruly locks. Do you have dry hair? Is it looking lacklustre? Read on to discover our best-kept secrets for caring for curly hair.

Give dry hair the boot 

Keeping your curly hair in good condition requires nourishment and care, especially if you are prone to split ends and dryness. Luckily, nature has provided us with many nourishing curly hair care ingredients, like shea butter and aloe vera. Shea butter is high in fatty acids, so it acts as an emollient when applied to the hair. It coats each strand, ‘sealing it off’ from the air so that less moisture gets lost. Our Orobaa Beauty Hair and Scalp Moisturiser is rich in shea butter – the perfect treatment for keeping your curls moisturised and smooth. 

Another caring ingredient, aloe vera contains an enzyme that stimulates the follicles, and so is a great solution for hindered hair growth and scalp problems. If your scalp needs a nourishment boost, you can mix aloe vera gel into your shampoo or conditioner.  

Turn up the shine

When it comes to curly hair care, coconut oil and shine go hand in hand. If your hair is looking dull and lifeless, this beautiful oil will be your new best friend. Like shea butter, it’s an emollient, protecting the hair from moisture loss and encouraging strength and shine. Coconut oil is particularly effective for treating thick, curly hair. You can apply it directly to your hair without it becoming greasy. Our flagship product, Orobaa Authentic African Black Soap is specially designed for cleansing both skin and hair, and contains untreated coconut oil. You can use this wonderful soap as a shampoo to start off your curly hair care routine – just apply a small amount to your hands, lather it in, and rinse.

Oily scalp getting you down? If so, here’s another winning natural solution. Jojoba oil prevents overproduction of oil on the scalp, while giving the hair a luxurious shine. You can buy jojoba oil by the bottle (and enjoy its benefits in many of our skincare products too). If you’re interested, all you need to do is apply a small amount to your hands and comb it through your hair with your fingers.

Style your curls to perfection 

Every girl wants perfect looking hair. And for curly types, argan oil is wonderful for defining curls – you can apply it directly to your hair. The oil not only works wonders as a styling agent, but reduces frizz and treats hair damaged by excessive heat exposure. A win-win! We’ve used argan oil in our Orobaa Beauty Hair and Scalp Moisturiser – so you can get a double kick of its benefits by using this product for treatment purposes, and the oil on its own for styling purposes.

Curly hair care, here we come

Is your mop of curls looking wild and woolly? Tame it to perfection using our curly hair care secrets and natural treatment products. And for your best do yet, you can also adopt these hair care lifestyle habits – because when it comes to perfect hair, no effort is too great, right? For more information on the Orobaa range, get in touch with us at or 076 407 2320.

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